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Welcome to Warmbloods Today magazine – a beautiful bi-monthly publication dedicated to connecting owners, riders, trainers and breeders of today’s modern sport horses and Warmbloods in North America. Whether you ride or breed sport horses for dressage, jumpers, hunters, eventing or driving, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our publication – or else we’ll refund* your subscription! Subscribe online now.

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Why Warmbloods Today?

In the latter half of the 20th century, European breeders carefully crossed old bloodlines with new lines to develop a highly competitive horse for sport. The sudden boom and growth of Europe’s sport horses, a.k.a. Warmbloods, found their way to North America thanks to the dedication and diligence of breeders, trainers and importers of these fine horses. Warmbloods are known for being athletic, scopey jumpers as well as big, beautiful movers for dressage with generally good temperaments to match. Today in North America there stands dozens of sport horse/Warmblood breeds all with similar goals of producing the ultimate jumper, dressage and/or event horse. Warmbloods Today is the one magazine that supports and recognizes all these different breed registries and breeders who are the backbone of our industry. The magazine uniquely brings together the owners, riders, trainers and breeders of these wonderful horses in one forum in an interesting, informative and entertaining style.

Our Focus

Each issue of Warmbloods Today presents an excellent mix of in depth, inspirational stories about people and their sport horses along with industry opinions, breeding trends and fun columns. By learning from one another’s experiences, the magazine entertains and educates sport horse enthusiasts of all disciplines. Every effort is made to not compete with the internet, so event news and show results are not typically covered.  Warmbloods Today tends to avoid instructional and how-to articles since there are plenty of websites, books, magazines and videos covering these topics already. The magazine is a great way to connect you with other horse owners, breeders, competitors and sellers of these partners in sport.

Warmbloods Today covers horses from the various “Warmblood” breeds which is a term we use loosely due to the popularity of crossbreeds today. We include all breeds with European decent including Iberians and the American Warmblood.

We Want to Hear From You

We invite you to send us your stories about how one of these great animals touched your life which we may publish in a future issue of WT. You also may respond to one of our articles in a “Letter to the Editor,” or you can submit your “Point of View” on a particular topic. See the Editorial section for any submissions.

Please enjoy our unique magazine and the special horses we will feature. It's for you, so we welcome your feedback.

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